Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 25 Sketch Walk at the Fort Santiago, Intramuros, Manila

Fort Santiago or Fuerte de Santiago in Spanish is the Citadel that protects the walled city of Intramuros in Manila. The ornate gate for the military barracks was built in 1714 and it was the most prominent landmark we sketched last Saturday.

Within the Spanish-era walled city of  Intramuros lies the main gate of Fuerte de Santiago. Historically, this were the Philippine National Hero, Dr, Jose Rizal was held captive until he was executed, and triggered the Philippine Revolution against Spain.
The wood relief on the upper part of the fort's arch entrance depicts the triumph of the Spanish occupation over the native Islamic people of then early Manila
In 1898, the American occupied the citadel signifying the start of the 30 years of American occupation. In World War II, however, the Japanese used the dungeons for as a prison where 600 American POWs eventually died of hunger and suffocation. Manila at that time was the 2nd most devastated city next to Warsaw, Poland after World War II.

Nonie, Ampao and Carlo sketching under the shade.

Lauren with an umbrella sketches the other side

Ige and Lauren

Charm (2nd from the left) finally joined a sketch walk. Others in this picture is Nice (left most), moi in green, Cesar in black (who managed to still sketch something in the last 20 minutes), Carlo in khaki shorts, new comer Nonie, Muffy, Ige and Lauren.

First sketch walk for the year.