Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sharing the Art of Urban Sketching at the BGC Art Mart

Severe weather on the weekend of our September Sketchwalk prompted the organizers of the BGC ART Mart at the Bonifacio High Street to postpone the event. The original schedule of September 20 was changed to September 27. We were glad for the bright sun when the sketchwalk day finally came.

On that Saturday, we not only sketched, but shared our passion for on-location sketching as well. Sketching on location isn't just doodling, but putting to paper what we see around us. Instead of a camera, we use pen and paper to record our observations. Along with our sketchbooks, we also brought books about sketching on location so that people can see what urban sketching is all about. We also brought paper and various art materials, encouraging people to sketch with us. Some of our members also came to sell art prints of their sketches.

Our table at the BGC Art Mart

Come and sketch with us!

Art prints and postcards for sale.

Sketchbooks and books on urban sketching

Jo and her watercolors

Ige handles the photodocumentation for the event

Patts sketcged the park and the sketchers

Sketcher sketching the sketcher! Carlo and his sketch of Nice

Dan and his sketch of Bonifacio High Street

Eileen shows us how it's done!

Erwin enjoys sketching while sitting on the grass

The Urban Sketchers and their drawings

Joy sketches the playing children
Lauren and the kids

NiceNice sketching the children playing in the park

A first-time participant exhibits her flair for on-location sketching

Another first-time participant shows off his sketch of a performer

First-time urban sketcher Patrick shows his drawing of Bonifacio High Street

Patts busy sketching

Lauren explains what it means to sketch on location

Irma paints the lush greenery

Irma, NiceNice, and Pedyson, urban sketchers  

Some of the works done by the urban sketchers

Joy, Lauren, Carlo, and Cesar

We would like to thank all of the members who came to help and sketch! See you all again on October 18, 3pm at Harbour Square for our official monthly sketchwalk.