Friday, August 26, 2011

Urban Sketching Manila Water Fountains

I only have been sketching with a serious sketchbook only a year ago. With only four months worth of sketching I wrote to BluPrint (via an architect teacher colleague who is a contributor) with some of my on-location drawings as samples of some topics I was suggesting for the magazine could cover. The managing editor wrote back and asked me if I could write them. And so this is how I started writing for the publication, with the sketches of water fountains around Metro Manila.

The article came out April 2011, and it was Buz who  wrote to me about the possibility of setting up an Urban Sketchers Philippines group. We invited a bunch of people who might be interested for our first ever meeting that mid-April. Only 3 of us - Ryan, Buz and I were able to meet. We had soon requested for the privilege of the official USk Philippines group.

Urban Sketchers' manifesto works for all and not just for serious artists. It gives anyone a chance to see the world through sketching; and the result is not so important - the process is valued more. An upcoming BluPrint issue in October will feature some USk Philippines members' sketches on the topic of Travel Sketching.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sketching Result of August 20, 2011 of Paco Park

Paco Park Entrance by Buz Walker-Teach
Carlo Martinez' sketch of the Front Arch
Eileen Escueta's sketch of the chapel
Noel Amano the archaeologist's sketch of the chapel
Janeil Arlegui's watercolor impression of the chapel of Paco Park
A great turnout so far for the Urban Sketchers of the Philippines. There was close to 20 people of various professionals and students who came and joined to sketch Paco National Park. We had a lawyer, a science teacher, archaeologist, art teacher, architects, students and house wives who were keen on seeing and experiencing through sketching. Special thanks to Architect Augusto Villalon and NPDC Executive Director Jett Villegas for the free entrance and snacks for this event.
Cesar's pencil sketch of the curving walls with niches, behind the front entrance. It used to be a cemetery.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Philippine Daily Inquirer Featured USk-PH

Augusto "Toti" Villalon, a heritage conservation architect and writer for the Philippine Daily Inquirer was able to write about urban sketching, featuring the Philippines group. In his Pride of Place column last August 08, 2011, he also mentions the international movement of regaining our ways of getting in touch with our heritage places through sketching. The article used sketches of some Manila scenes from USk-PH members Buz Walker-Teach, Carlo Martinez and Janeil Arlegui.

San Sebastian Church Interior in Watercolor

What initially was intended to be just a casual quick sketch became a longer project. It took 4 separate visits of about 3 hours each to finish this as the pictures could not capture what I felt of the place. I even had the BluPrint magazine with HDR pictures. After realizing also that painting in such a dim environment, I was having difficulty working on the details. Finally, being prepared on the 3rd visit with a clipping reading LED light, I managed in getting it done.

This all-steel end of the 19th century neo-gothic church was a delight to keep coming back to, with its intricate detail. I'm still not satisfied with this illustration as I want to show it with its lofty ceiling.

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More details for the upcoming Sketch Walk on August 20, Saturday, however with venue still to be determined due to some recent developments.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Paco Park, Manila

St. Pancratius Chapel - a Sunday mass is in session.

The deceased were entombed in the old burial vaults (left).

More burial vaults are in courtyards behind the chapel.

I spent 5 hours this past Sunday sketching in Paco Park, a park of circular stone walls surrounding the St. Pancratius Chapel and Cemetery in the Paco District of Central Manila. Paco is a small neat park with a quiet ambience - a good location to sit and sketch the unique, moss-covered chapel and grounds. The thick stone walls still contain many old burial vaults, where the bodies of parishioners and priests were once entombed. As I drew, a number of families and groups walked by, taking pictures of the chapel, and relaxing in this quiet haven from noisy Manila, just beyond the walls.