Sunday, March 19, 2017

March 2017 Sketch Walk - Paco Fire Station and the Mortuary Park

March is Fire Prevention Month in the Philippines. So, we thought visiting the Paco fire station would fit the bill for this sketch walk. It's one of the 4 original modern fire stations in the early 1900s, and it's still standing. Unfortunately, it's still in need of rehabilitation. The rusted front roof gutter dangles, and some windows have broken glass.

The Paco fire station today

The station has not changed much, except the widening of the left and right entrances for the fire trucks - they have gotten bigger after decades. The fake brick texturing have been placed in the decade I have last visited the inside of this station.

While we can see the service personnel of the station are busy with their daily duties, we were observing the surroundings via sketching. There were 18 of us for this session, 5 of which were first time sketchers with us namely, Cheenee Buenaventura, Jose, Ruben, Mikaela and Romina.

Tree shades are great places for sitting down for the sketch session

Daughter and mother sketch act - Mika and Romina
Manue, Cheddie, and Cheenee

Nadja and Manuel 

Meg, Nice, Cheddie, Cheenee

Comicbook illustrator extraordinaire, Randy 

The morning's sketch results

Happy with the morning's sketch walk 

We then had a lunch break after ending the morning session with pictures of our works and our usual group shot. The afternoon session was then focused on the Paco Park, which is opposite of the fire station across the street.

The Paco mortuary chapel, usually for weddings nowadays

Randy finishing a painting of the chapel

Manuel drawing with stick and paint

The afternoon's sketch results

Ruben, moi, Manuel, Lerron, Burt, Randy and Nadja
We ended at 4 pm with eating at a fastfood joint.

Next month's sketch walk will be drawing the skyline of our city - Details to follow soon.