Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sketching Result of August 20, 2011 of Paco Park

Paco Park Entrance by Buz Walker-Teach
Carlo Martinez' sketch of the Front Arch
Eileen Escueta's sketch of the chapel
Noel Amano the archaeologist's sketch of the chapel
Janeil Arlegui's watercolor impression of the chapel of Paco Park
A great turnout so far for the Urban Sketchers of the Philippines. There was close to 20 people of various professionals and students who came and joined to sketch Paco National Park. We had a lawyer, a science teacher, archaeologist, art teacher, architects, students and house wives who were keen on seeing and experiencing through sketching. Special thanks to Architect Augusto Villalon and NPDC Executive Director Jett Villegas for the free entrance and snacks for this event.
Cesar's pencil sketch of the curving walls with niches, behind the front entrance. It used to be a cemetery.