Friday, August 26, 2011

Urban Sketching Manila Water Fountains

I only have been sketching with a serious sketchbook only a year ago. With only four months worth of sketching I wrote to BluPrint (via an architect teacher colleague who is a contributor) with some of my on-location drawings as samples of some topics I was suggesting for the magazine could cover. The managing editor wrote back and asked me if I could write them. And so this is how I started writing for the publication, with the sketches of water fountains around Metro Manila.

The article came out April 2011, and it was Buz who  wrote to me about the possibility of setting up an Urban Sketchers Philippines group. We invited a bunch of people who might be interested for our first ever meeting that mid-April. Only 3 of us - Ryan, Buz and I were able to meet. We had soon requested for the privilege of the official USk Philippines group.

Urban Sketchers' manifesto works for all and not just for serious artists. It gives anyone a chance to see the world through sketching; and the result is not so important - the process is valued more. An upcoming BluPrint issue in October will feature some USk Philippines members' sketches on the topic of Travel Sketching.

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