Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December Sketching at the Ayala Triangle, Makati

This month's sketching session took place at the Central Bussiness District of Makati, Metro Manila. The Ayala Triangle park had a few newly opened restaurants and cafes and adds amenities for people to enjoy a green breathing space within an urban setting. One interesting structure we had wanted to sketch was the former air tower turned heritage library in the 1990s. We were barred from sketching within the library's premises, but that did not stop us sketching it from the adjacent Ayala Triangle park.

I had a chance to further explore sketching with the 5.3" Samsung Galaxy Note smart phone. Using the application Sketchbook Mobile Express, I was able to just get some satisfactory sketches. I see the digital sketching capability as the future common standard for smart phones. Bare in mind however, that this is merely a  high tech tool, just like the essential blank paper and pencil/pen/brush. The artist makes the art, not the material and medium making the art. The process of observation through sketching than just taking a picture is the main essence why we have these regular sessions.

6 year-old Ampao had a fun time recording what she saw. Children have a natural ability of sketching honest impressions of things, places and people. We adults sometimes forget it.
Other people who came and joined the sketching were Buz, Cesar, Pinoy, Muffy and Ryan.

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