Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Sketchwalk at Greenfield Weekend Market

The mid-afternoon sun can be felt in the air. It was extra humid that day but it was again the third Saturday of the month, the schedule for the official sketchwalk of Urban Sketchers Philippines. On that day the sketch location is the Greenfield Weekend Market in Mandaluyong.

The tables were occupied with people: the families, the couples and friends hanging out. A closer look showed that 3-4 tables were occupied by the sketchers with their snacks and art materials seen in front of them. They were absorbed in their sketching of the various stalls, the people, and the several choices of food and drinks in the area.

Ige, Kuki and Manuel
Justin, Ram and Charm
Manuel, Lauren and Ige

With each completion of the minute-hand of its 360 degrees rotation,  you'd see other tables filling up and some sketchers were in front of the stalls sketching the sales attendants, the merchandises, the buildings and other landmarks around the area.

The 7-year-old Nigel enjoying the sketching time 

NiceNice in her attempt at watercoloring

Cynthia Feliciano and Brenn Chua 

Kuki and Manuel
Cheddie with all that vigor

Ram and Charm



In the area, you could also hear popular songs being played but not drowning the conversations of the people. The kids can also be seen playing, chasing bubbles, and some of the sketchers drew their fellow sketchers. Some of these members had conversations with strangers who got curious and interested in the on-location sketches.

The Roxas sisters Meg and Gee having a good time while sketching
With Patts, Cheddie, Gee, Cynthia and Nigel

Before the day ended the group gathered for the show and tell.

Our output for the day!

The group with new sketchers Brenn, Kuki, and Aurelio

Some of the members stayed for more sketching time.  But it was a great day to sketch with everyone!

* Thanks to Ige Trinidad and Gee Roxas for the photos! :)

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