Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Northern Philippines Exposure

The Philippines has several UNESCO declared World Heritage sites since the 1990s. The upper part of the island of Luzon has 4 sites namely, the church of Santa Maria in Ilocos Sur province, the church of Paoay in Ilocos Norte province, the Ifugao rice terraces, and the Spanish era collection of houses in Vigan, Ilocos Sur.
Night sketch along a street in Vigan
Janeil Arlegui sketching on location in Paoay
 With only 36 hours stay in the two Ilocos provinces, I've managed to sketch Vigan houses and the church of Paoay.


  1. Beautiful watercolors, Janeil! This is a fine start to our Urban Sketchers Philippines site.

  2. Thank you, Buz. Have a go with your sketches of the Philippines.

  3. Wow! the colors are really beautiful! :)

    p.s I wish I could draw like that. :D

  4. Thank you Carrie. I can teach you. Join us in our sketch walks.

  5. san agustin never looked so good. i especially fancied the maps.

  6. Thanks, Karl. I intend to do entire architectural drawings of other structures.