Saturday, June 25, 2011

Talk on Travel Sketching this July 2, 2011

The Urban Sketchers Philippines will have a talk on travel sketches, with Buz, Ryan and I presenting our works on the subject. 2:00pm on Saturday, July 2, at the Metropolitan Museum, BSP compound, Roxas Blvd., Manila. This is near the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Php 100 entrance fee to the museum will let you see all the other exhibits. This talk is in conjunction with the ongoing exhibit of Jose Joya's travel sketches.


  1. sawasdee ka!! I come to visit naka...

  2. Hi there. I could not find a person who owns Urban Sketchers Philippines therefore I am not sure who to contact personally. I was surprised that we have our own here and I am quite excited. Can people join in like being a member of the Philippine Urban sketchers too? Can we also post here? Thanks.


  3. Hello, Elisa. I am currently the official Philippines correspond for USk. Buz and Ryan are the other administrators for this official blog. We 3 had wrote to USk main and made Philippines as part of USk only last May 21. You can email me through for stuff you want us to post following the USk manifesto. Please do join us in our upcoming sketching session scheduled on July 23, in conjunction with Sketchcrawl. Are you joining us in our talk today at 2 pm? You can also join our Facebook Urban Sketchers Philippines group. Anyone is most welcome to join this group. We hope it really catches on.