Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sketching Results of Manila Monuments last October 22

A brief introduction to some new art materials
Sketch by Carlo Martinez
After a brief talk by an art supply distributor before starting out October's sketching session, we first proceeded with the statue of Queen Isabela II just outside the Intramuros, Manila. Most of the statues found in the area of Intramuros reminds us about the old Spanish empire that ruled the Philippines for 300 years. We got to sketch about 3 statues of former Spanish rulers namely Queen Isabela II, King Philip II and King Don Carlos IV. 6-year-old Ampao Roxas' drawings were utterly cute! This is how sketching should be - pure connection to what you are observing. She even noticed that King Philip's name was spelled in the Spanish version - Felipe.
New participant, Noipy Cruz' excellent pen sketch

Janeil's try on a large Derwent panoramic sketch pad

Ampao's mother, Muffy's sketch.
6-year-old Ampao had the right attitude with this sketch of Queen Isabela
by Carlo Martinez
King Philip's statue

King Don Carlos
Janeil's sketch last January
by Carlo Martinez

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  1. wonderful sketches - I really Janeii's. The violet purple is a really nice touch.