Monday, November 28, 2011

Pasig City Sketches

On the veranda of Bahay Na Tisa, in Barangay San Jose, Pasig.

The "azotea" - original main entrance to the house.

A street scene in Pasig City - I first noticed the leaning power poles with its' cacaphony of electrical wires.

Due to a late announcement, the November 26th monthly Sketch Walk in Pasig City was only attended by Carlo Martinez and Buz (me). We started with some sketching in the original city center, in Rizal Plaza. After a visit to the Pasig City Hall & lunch, we sketched on the grounds of a 160-year old house, Bahay Na Tisa, in the Barangay San Jose. The house design & interiors gave me a peek of what life in old Manila would have been like.


  1. I intensively sketching at that same day far away. Love your sketches as always, Buz.

  2. really nice sketches with some nostalgic feel to it.