Friday, August 28, 2015

USk PH August Sketchwalk @ STREAT Food Park

There was a typhoon during the days leading to this month's sketchwalk, but rains couldn't stop the Philippine sketchers from spending the afternoon at StrEat, a food park located at Maginhawa Street in Quezon City.

Most of the establishments open at around 5pm, but as early as 4 there had already been folks lined up, waiting to be served. The park had a wide variety of culinary creations to delight the senses, and there were food stalls and trucks all around. And of course, people. One would think that, due to the inclement weather, people would stay curled up in their homes or somewhere indoors--but no, no amount of rain or gushing wind can keep them away from their favorite burgers, pastries, pizza, shakes, nachos, and in our case, sketchbooks and pens.

Thank goodness for the canopy over the main food park area. Of course, one must never go out during rainy season without an umbrella!

There was plenty to sketch and plenty to eat, and the sketchers lost no time putting pen to paper and tacos in their tummies.

Greasy hands down, it was a fun (and flavorful) afternoon-evening of urban sketching. We were glad it had stopped drizzling when it was time to show our works!

Full sketchbooks and full bellies.

Want to see our sketches more closely? Stay tuned for our next post!

Thanks to Ige Trinidad for the photos! To view the whole album, click here:

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