Monday, September 7, 2015

August 2015 Food Park Sketches

There were many interesting things to draw when we had our official monthly sketchwalk in August at StrEat, a food park located in Maginhawa Street in Quezon City. Here are some of our outputs that day!

I made a collage of the things I saw at StrEat: Schmidt's gourmet hotdogs truck; the queue at The Lost Bread; folks eating and chatting under the bright yellow StrEat umbrellas. We found a spot at The Grape Escape. This was drawn while having 4-cheese pizza and iced tea. 

Ige Trinidad's sketch of the G.R.EAT Burger Truck

"I first saw this food truck online and knew I had to sketch it. I had to leave my chosen spot when the drizzle became hard to ignore, but I'm glad our table still gave me a good view of the truck so I was able to finish my sketch." - Ige Trinidad

Tissa Pagaduan's collection of sketches at the food park

Tad Pagaduan's collection of sketches at the food park

Randy Valiente's sketch of eating customers

Food and people sketches by Jo Uygongco

Juancho Dizon's sketch of Magpie Cafe in the food park

Irma Lara's version of the G.R.EAT Burger Truck

Patti Boquiren's drawing of the G.R.EAT BURGER Food Truck during her very first sketchwalk!

Kuki Ulpindo's sketch of the scene at Me Love You Long Time

Trollskipot del Castillo's sketch of the long queue at The Lost Bread

Nadja Ginete's sketches of Me Love You Long Time, Schimdts, and Saucy Food

"I spent some years living near Maginhawa. Back then, you could find restos and little nooks on the street without having to worry about crowds or being shooed away because you're taking too much time staying at their place. Back then, you could still enjoy the serenity of spending time with your buddies, munch the food without too much noise or hustle and bustle going around, and not even worry about traffic. But, of course, with the passing of each year, even days, things or places change. What has been an ordinary street with restos then could and would join the bandwagon of progress in the vicinity. And maybe that was the story of Maginhawa. And so coming to StrEat Food Park was a little bit stirring, if not nostalgic.

"Arriving at the sketching venue, I took some time settling down but I was glad I found the resto 'Me Love You Long Time' at the corner and ordered the food I've been thinking the whole day. I requested for my tom yum soup to be (mild) spicy as I am afraid it would be too hot for me to handle. I also tried their basil ice cream, which Kuki (thanks, Kuks!) shared with me. Both delighted my senses and satiated my hunger. Will definitely be back." - Nadja Ginete

Sketches by Eileen Bondoc Escueta

"As it was to many others, the red truck was irresistible to sketch.... still closed when we arrived in StrEAT last Saturday. Also tried to sketch the fast movement of hungry diners... next to impossible! As were the lines of customers for milkshakes... settled for pink lemonade." - Eileen Bondoc Escueta

Cynthia Feliciano's rendering of Magpie Cafe.

"All that scribbling on the glass panel of the cafe made it a lot more interesting." - Cynthia Feliciano

Sketch by Cesar Ramirez Jr. 

"1-hour sketch of a whole scene during our Maginhawa sketch walk. Had to do a few erasures as I am still practicing this effect. The good thing with this style is you get to become more conscious with where your lines go. Resulting to a better composed image and closer to what you actually see in terms of proportioning and objects placement." - Cesar Ramirez Jr.

Sketches by Dindin Cruz

"Thought I'd be drawing food but the people were more interesting subjects." - Dindin Cruz

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