Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sketching Result of the Escolta: Part 2 last February 4, 2012

Very much similar to our first visit to Escolta, Manila in July 2011, the weather was a bit unpredictable. It was all gloomy the whole session but with moments of sunshine peeking throughout our stay. Present to sketch that day are Janeil, Buz, Carlo, Tancho, Muffy, Ampao, Me, and Niña, our newest active member. It was a special session for it was a historic district in the 1900s and our second time for this venue. As sketching required observation of the surrounding, or in the case of Escolta, the built-environment, one couldn’t deny that the used-to-be bustling commercial area is still a neglected place of heritage. Maybe the gloomy climate whenever we are at Escolta contributes to that remark but the sketches you’ll see as you continue your reading will further support the idea that the place needs intensive help and attention. But nonetheless, we got to connect with this familiar place again; our drawings serving as the language of expressing how the place feels like. Like every sketching session, you’ll enjoy the diversity of the outputs of each sketcher, making you view the place from a whole lot different perspective. We've got at the end of our session a panoramic sketch of the streetscape which I'm still experimenting on, spot drawings and perspectives of significant buildings, details of the facade of the Capitol theater, perspectives from different vantage points, and illustrations of some of the usual scenery in the area that are still of great interest.

We enjoyed a feast after our session at Meisun Tea House (former MXT) at Ongpin Binondo which is a 2-min. walk from Escolta. Luckily, the rain has stopped by the time we left the resto. Maybe we could make this a regular part of our sketching sessions. Time really flies when you are enjoying so we ended up finishing at around past 2PM in the afternoon.

Feel free to check the rest of the photos in my flickr account! :)

The outputs for the Escolta: Part 2 sketching session

Compilation of the 3 sketches I did for the Escolta session

The sketchers in action

Niña while sketching a spot in Escolta Street


Wrap-up photos

And it all ends with a lunch at Ongpin St.

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