Tuesday, February 7, 2012

USk Philippines Joins Art in the Park this Feb. 18! And we sketch the entire event!

Calling all USk Philippines members!

Art in the Park, a 10-hour sale of art works this coming February 18 at the Salcedo Village Park (or Velasquez park) will be an important annual event. Some 4,000 visitors will be dropping by and some will be buying. This is organized by the Museum Foundation to raise funds for art activities.

We have a table there from 2 pm to 12 midnight. We are asking you to please do drop by and submit at least one on-location sketch, and/or spend time there and sketch what fancies you and put them up for sale! 70% of the sale will go to the artist (20% to Museum Foundation; 10% to USk Philippines' fund collection for future expenses)

Most of the listed chores are not committed by members, and we ask volunteers to pitch in. We would be also asking for less than probably P80 (or even less!) to pay for the spot there.

Some of the responsibilities of those who will participate:

1. You will be in charge of getting your art works there, providing some protection like a thin plastic to protect form dirty hands of browsers, and you will take home your art work home if not sold.
2. Please do stick around for at least 3 hours and enjoy looking at other art works of the many booths and tables there. This will be USk Philippines' February regular monthly sketching session.
3. For the ingress team, please do make sure you will be an hour early. There is the regular Saturday flea market that sell food till 12 noon. 11:00 am is a good time for an early lunch with so many variety and tasty food.
4. It will be your responsibility to check for updates. I will be posting regularly here at our facebook group about this. I only give out my number to those who are committed to volunteering with some of the itemized chores needed.
5. I will be attending the 10:00am, Feb 11 orientation about the event with the Museum Foundation. For the committed volunteers, let us meet and plan for it as early as 8:30 on Feb. 11 (just before the orientation) at the Starbucks Salcedo Village area.
6. Although there is a ceiling price of P30,000 per piece of work, please do expect that the suggested price range of our art work should be about P500 to P5000. High prices will not sell your art in this event. Ready art works which you can part with and maintain just enough profit. People will be looking for bargains!

I can't stress that there will be THAT many people, even up to 12 midnight as I have experienced this for the past 2 years. This is a big chance for us to get new sketch walkers and show the benefits of sketching.

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