Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Two-Hour Classical Music Concert Last February 24 2012

Muffy sketches as daughter Ampao sleeps
4 members of Urban Sketchers Philippines had a chance to watch a mini limited-invitation classical concert. Invited American violin soloist, Michael Emery, American cello soloist, Ann Alton as well as our local conductor, Chino Toledo and piano soloist,  Cristine Coyiuto, backed up by the Metro Manila Concert Orchestra, played composed music from Beethoven, Hovhaness and Enescu. The concert ran for 2 hours, and we quite enjoyed the music while we sketched away.

USk-PH members Carlo and Janeil 

6-year-old Ampao Roxas was one of the sketchers that night
Ampao's interpretations are so honest!
We can always take a lesson on how a child sees things and people

Muffy, USk-PH member sketches on black paper
We got seats on the 2nd row

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