Saturday, September 12, 2015

Binondo Sketchwalk

Last Saturday's sketchwalk was planned to be about El Hogar Filipino Building which most of us haven't sketched yet. I've been scouting the place for a while, and there is a good vantage point across Pasig River.

El Hogar Filipino Building along Muelle de la Industria cor. Juan Luna

Sketchers at full concentration

Meg's sketch. So much detail for a tiny space!

Patts' sketch

El Hogar.
It was lunch time when we finished sketching, some of us had to leave early because of prior engagement so we were not able to have a group shot of our finished works. We just proceeded to the nearest food store. On our way to Quick Snack, we passed by the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arc which sparked another interest for sketching. The three of us who were able to stay after lunch returned to the spot.

A view a little further to the right seems better, but may be too dangerous :D
Nadja's sketch
Ched's sketch

Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch
An attempt to get a shot of all the sketches before going home

On our way home, we could still see a lot of good subjects to sketch, but most of us were tired from the heat and the weight of our gear. Definitely we are planning to go back. 

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