Sunday, September 20, 2015

First day of the 3-series On-Location Sketching Workshop

Old and young, they came to learn the few basic principles of drawing from observation. The first course, basic line sketching and the rest of the other two courses - watercolor, and advanced quick sketching techniques are held at the National Museum (National Arts Gallery) of the Philippines for 5 consecutive Saturdays, lifting their rule of  "no sketching" policy to safeguard against vandalism - anything that marks like pencils and pens are surrendered with the front guard station.
Students of the workshop apply the principles of sketching from the former Congress Hall of the Philippines.
Some of our active members took the opportunity to sketch this historic building. And got to show the students some what we do. The workshop is also in conjunction with the LJC Group, who is sposoring this activity. The workshop runs from September 19 to October 9, 2015.

Regular members in action spent 30 minutes alongside the students. This looking up and down actually looks funny, but this is what we do when we temporarily retain an "after image" of our subjects and mimick it onto our paper.

Cesar Ramirez, who recetnly started teaching university level drawing shows the principle of a one-point perspective drawing from observation.

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